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17th-Apr-2010 09:29 pm - °_°
Ciao blog!^_^
Oggi ho sprecato quasi tutta la giornata a provare "Run Devil Run" delle So Nyo Shi Dae, il problema non sono le note bensì le parole! Follow Me, follow me, Yeah!Collapse )
2NE1 // CL
8th-Apr-2010 06:02 pm(no subject)
E' da molto che non scrivo... Sinceramente nemmeno so perchè lo faccio, evidentemente sto cercando di convincere me stessa che posso essere in grado di scrivere continuamente su un blog, cosa che non sono riuscita a fare precedentemente.
Oggi non sono andata in uni perchè ieri sono stata male. Che due coglioni, per una volta che volevo andare ò_ò" Saltare le lezioni di cultura coreana mi straziano il cuore T_T
Btw Ultimamente sono un pò stufa di tutto e niente. [Cioè.. è possibile?]
L'unica cosa di cui non mi stufo è lui. 
Che mi è sempre vicino, quando sono felice, quando sono triste, quando sono incazzata, eccetera.
Questo post credo sia solo uno sfogo inutile di frasi insensate ma poco importa, successivametne cercherò di mettere un'ordine nelle cose da scrivere!
Ora vi lascio... Tornerò con post più seri, coerenti e interessanti :)
2NE1 // Bom 3
18th-Aug-2009 10:58 pm - OMG!
I`m so happyy~!
Big Bang's japanese new album is out, and GD's solo album too!
I finished listening GD's album right now and I think that it's freaking awsome!
When I saw the promo pictures, at the beginnings, I thought that his blond hair was horrible... Now I've changed idea! I think he's hot ... I dunno but he seems more... Oh, I don't have words!
I cannot tell my favorite song of the album yet but after few listening I'll surely say it!
yo ma heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunjiCollapse )
Isn't he awesome??
I finished right now listening to to Bringing you Love by BB... OMG I fell in love with it!! *_*

ChuckxBlair Kiss
15th-Aug-2009 05:21 pm - Big Bang will perform at Budokan!
Big Bang will be performing at Japan's Budokan this November, having just debuted in Japan 4 months ago. Big Bang have previously released two mini-albums and one full-length album in Japan, but all three albums were released under an indie label and contained mostly English songs. Big Bang made their debut proper in Japan on 24th June, 2009 with their first major Jpop single My Heaven, the Japanese version of their Korean hit Heaven.

According to YG Entertainment, Big Bang will be holding a concert on 4th November at Japan's Budokan. Performing at Budokan is the dream of many Japanese singers and this remarkable achievement by Big Bang (1st Korean singer/artist to do so in the short period of 4 months) attest to their growing popularity in Japan. Prior to Budokan, Big Bang will also embark on a Japan concert tour which will span 6 cities and attract more than 50,000 fans, starting with Nagoya on 26th October.

Although Big Bang's Daesung is currently recuperating from multiple injuries suffered in an accident, YG Entertainment is optimistic that with the Budokan date still a few months away, Daesung should recover in time to rejoin Big Bang and their fans for the concert. To build up momentum, Big Bang will also release their 1st Japanese album and Asia Best 2006-2009 album at the same time on 19th August.

OMG, I'm so excited about it!*_* The first Koreans to make a concert in Budokan! <3
Namie got wild
15th-Aug-2009 03:47 pm - I'm back
Here I am!
I had to make a new account on livejournal because I lost the password of the old one =_=' Well the story is quite different than it seems... Times before someone stole my old msn e-mail and changed the password.. so the majority of my accounts were changed by this WHORE.. <<''
And now, here I am again... with a new account! *_*
I dunno why I'm speaking english... @_@
Well... the 25th of this month I'll leave for London and I'll stay there for 2 months and a half!*_*
It's time for me to go <3
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